Debt restructuring and refinancing.


Debt restructuring and refinancing

The Companies, after the new «Economic-business environment caused by the COVID-19 crisis» may be doomed to one of these situations:

  • Treasury tensions or immediate liquidity problems.
  • Actual or potential breach of covenants.
  • Deterioration of credit ratings or ratings.
  • Difficulties in meeting debt payments.
  • Excess debt in relation to sustainable cash generation capacity.
  • Need to reduce your financial costs.

If your company is in any of these situations, it is likely that your company requires a debt restructuring or refinancing solution



Initial Financial Diagnosis

At first, the most important thing is to know what the real situation of the company is and assess the different feasibility options, for this we carry out a thorough diagnosis of the company.


Preparation of the Debt Restructuring and Refinancing Plan

Once the real situation of the company is known, we prepare a Restructuring / Refinancing Plan for the company, which consists of a roadmap of the actions to be undertaken by the company.


Debt Restructuring and Refinancing Action Plan

We execute, together with the company management, the actions that have been pre-established in the debt restructuring plan.


Formalization and Monitoring Plan

We will carry out the evaluation and monitoring of all the actions that have been established in the Company’s debt restructuring and refinancing Plan, to verify its correct application, as well as the corresponding formalizations of the New Financial Structure negotiated with the Financial System. , Commercial Suppliers and Creditors in general.